Steve Kuzj

Some people talk a big game; others let their work speak for them. Steve Kuzj’s philosophy is undoubtedly the latter. As a multimedia journalist and anchor at KNXV in Phoenix, Steve has shined in his years on the job.

Whether it’s an exclusive story on bounty hunters, reporting live from the middle of dust and sand storms, or simply — but very adeptly — covering the news of the day, Steve always does his job with the utmost professionalism and an unmatched work ethic.

His performance was recognized last year, when he won the 2011 Rocky Mountain Emmy Award for ‘Best On-Air Reporter.’ Steve has the qualities that you love to see in a broadcaster: confident, yet humble … level-headed, but dogged … a journalist through and through … and versatile on the air.

Going beyond pictures and words, Steve forms connections with viewers through his personality and conversational nature. Steve’s talent and passion for storytelling, shooting, and editing was nursed throughout his high school and college days, when he regularly created movies with friends. Attending the University of Minnesota, he graduated with degrees in both journalism and business; a great combination that allows him to deeply understand all aspects of the business.

Steve helped pay his way through school by picking up a job with one of the state’s largest newspapers, the Minnesota Daily. After turning in a video report on the Minneapolis bridge collapse, he was promoted to lead editor of the Multimedia Department. Afterwards he moved to Augusta, GA, where he covered as wide a range of stories as you’ll find: from the endless racial tensions in the city, to the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament. That was followed by a quick stop in Atlanta as a "permalance" reporter at WGCL before relocating out west to Phoenix in 2010.

Steve grew up a country boy in the thick forests of Minnesota. He hunted with his dad and brother, and went on camping adventures in the Boy Scouts. The great outdoors are like a second home to him. He is a wilderness survival expert and an Eagle Scout. Another unique quality of Steve’s is that he’s a 2nd-Degree Black-Belt. Since the age of 5, he has been involved in the martial arts, complete with brick breaking, weapons training, and national fighting tournaments. In Steve’s spare time, you can often find him dissecting electronics, working out in the gym, and even scuba diving 150 feet below the surface of the ocean.

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